Slightly Foxed No. 47 Autumn 2015

Groups of books, often for entirely sentimental reasons, have been taken out of the library’s chaotic but well-meant order and encouraged to associate.

This was my last ordered copy of Slightly Foxed. I’ve enjoyed them, getting me a bit out of a rut, but now I find myself reading more non-fiction and “worthy” fiction, which was the whole aim. So its onto a different subscription for 2916 (Analog; more on this when it gets here) but I’m keeping my copies of Slightly Foxed on a shelf because they are pretty timeless in their writing style and recommendations.

From this one yet again I have a handful of books I want to read, from Reginald Perrin, through Asylum by Patrick McGarth to Bryon’s Don Juan. Some I will pick up from the library in due course, and some I may stumble across in the future.

They have universally delivered on the promise of a well-read talking to you about books they love, and I’m going to miss that quarterly chat about books.

On a related note, I’m thinking of trying to found a book group in my town. Has anyone successfully done this, and do you have any tips?


Marrying Out – Harold Carlton

I came across Marrying Out in a copy of Slightly Foxed, which gave a lovely taster of this book. Therefore when I ordered myself a Slightly Foxed subscription, I also ordered the lovely hardback, Everyman-sized copy of this book.

Its an autobiographical book about Harold becoming an adult, and working out what that means in his 1960s Jewish family. He explores the family secrets, and truths everyone holds to be self-evident, and tries to work out what being an atheist Jew means.

The unravelling of secrets at the end finished the book well, and allowed all the strands of the book to make sense.

Slightly Foxed Issue 43

A flyer for Slightly Foxed fell out of my copy of Granta several months ago and I was intrigued, not least because they have taken over one of my previously local bookshops. So once my Granta subscription had ended I got a trial copy of Slightly Foxed, and loved it.

For the uninitiated, it’s a fairly relaxed periodical, in which mostly current authors write a short piece about their favourite book. Sadly some are out of print, but there are a couple which I intend to get hold of at some stage. They are all comfortable essays and escapism in their own right.

I am putting a gift cheque towards a subscription of this for next year!