Acceptance – Jeff VanderMeer

The Southern Reach gets personalAcceptance

In Acceptance, all the narrating characters from Annihilation and Authority each narrate, along with some others. Being very observant it took me two or three changes in narrator before I noticed that the chapter title told me who would narrate next. Continue reading “Acceptance – Jeff VanderMeer”


Authority – Jeff VanderMeer

Authority is the second book in the Southern Reach Trilogy (after Annihilation) and builds on this world. It remains a near-future, earth-based (probably) book, in which something has happened. The whole trilogy seems to be about discovering what that something is.

AuthorityWe have a new narrator, and they are also exploring this world “blind” so we learn the details of the world through their experience of learning and being introduced to it. In some ways this book feels less alien than the last, partly because we know the world and partly because the scenario is less contrived.

Basically this book is near-impossible to describe without lots of spoiler that would ruin it, but its well-written and I’m keen to get the last book in the trilogy.


Annihilation – Jeff VanderMeer

Annihilation calls itself a fantasy novel, although I found it to be more a a distopian science-fiction setting. However due to the style its written, and the set-up for the other two books in the trilogy, its hard to be certain what directino the books will go in.

It is written as a journal of the protaganist, who is nameless (along with all other characters) and the journal is dateless. She has been sent into this mysterious “Zone X” to discover what the disaster was, following extensive training and careful selection. The journal format also allows for a great deal of introspection, and I enjoyed the lack of clarity and gradual reveal as she made discoveries about the nature of the place.

I’m reluctant to say more as this book is one that has to be experienced, but will definitely be putting book two on order.