Living with Books – Dominique Dupuich / Roland Beaufre

I am working on designs to turn our back bedroom into a little library, with cozy seating and lighting to read by (especially as it faces north). Until then I’m browsing photos of such rooms, and picking up books that suggest ideas. Somehow I suspect the two-story high room with ladders won’t quite work in our house, but the snug rooms with shelves built around sofas look like a fantastic idea.

Living With Books

There are a few odd ideas, like books behind cages, or decorative shelves that hold hardly any books, but there are still mountains of ideas that will feed into the eventual project.


Unfinished: An Essay on Typography – Eric Gill

An Essay on TypographyI wanted to like this. Gill’s passion was infectious and made the subject matter not only one of design but also one of class and the difference between an artist and a craftsman. But somewhere in the middle when it went on and on about the details of the formation of different letters I lost the drive to keep reading. This also coincided with exciting books I’d ordered arriving by post and through the library system so I’ve decided its time to return it.