Two Brothers – Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon

Two Brothers is a graphic novel by the same artists as those who illustrated How To Talk To Girls At Parties. I’d enjoyed their artwork enough that I looked up something else that they had both worked on. There is also the appealing symmetry in reading a story about two twin brothers, illustrated by two twin brothers. The artwork was again very good, crisp pictures and distinctive figures carrying us through the story.

This was fundamentally a story of family dynamics, passions,  mistakes made and resentments and family ties carried through a lifetime. How imperfect parenting causes a divide that runs deep, and how adult choices lead to very different lives. But it is set against a wider background of political uprising and violence as Brazil goes through a period of change.

There is then the minor mystery of our narrator, A young boy growing up in this household, working out how he fits and who he can rely upon.

Overall, a strong story with good artwork.

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