The Crying Tree – Naseem Rakha

The Crying Tree was the sort of book I felt compelled to finish, driven on by a need to pull together all the pieces and see how they could be satisfactorily resolved. However the best thing I can say about Rakha is that she tried hard to do this, but it still fell short.

Of course, any book in which is centred around a murdered character is going to struggle to reach resolution: fundamentally the boy who was murdered on page one is going to still be murdered at the end. With desperately unlikable living characters, who seem to be mostly flaws with few saving graces (aside from Bliss), this was an unsatisfying read. The main plot “twist” was visible from quite some time before, and whilst believable, made the whole plot fall apart even faster, and me dislike the parents even more.

Straight to the charity shop for this one.


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