The Last Colony – John Scalzi

It is utterly impossible to discuss The Last Colony without using spoilers for the preceding two books in the Old Man’s War sequence, or the book itself. So before the cut I shall simply say that I loved it.

“We have a life here.” Jane said. “We have jobs and responsibilities, and we have a daughter who has her own life here as well. You’re casually asking us to uproot ourselves to solve your little political crisis”

The Last Colony follows on smoothly from the ending of The Ghost Brigades, where we were told that Jane Sagan was to be offered the opportunity to retire early, marry John Perry and adopt Zoe. So of course that is exactly what she did do, and the three of them are living as the community leaders of a small settlement on a colony. The comes the request to lead a new colony, despite the ban, which very few humans outside the military Colonial Union know about.

There are then layers of intrigue, which are gradually stripped away to build a world where Scalzi can play interstellar politics at the personal level, which is a game he plays fabulously. The tech is imaginative, and exploited in creative ways, including when the whole lot is tipped back to the early twentieth centenary.

I will pick up the remainder of this sequence at some point, although I quite like how this neatly closes on John and Jane’s lives, and hope they are finally left in peace to make their own way.

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