Slightly Foxed No. 47 Autumn 2015

Groups of books, often for entirely sentimental reasons, have been taken out of the library’s chaotic but well-meant order and encouraged to associate.

This was my last ordered copy of Slightly Foxed. I’ve enjoyed them, getting me a bit out of a rut, but now I find myself reading more non-fiction and “worthy” fiction, which was the whole aim. So its onto a different subscription for 2916 (Analog; more on this when it gets here) but I’m keeping my copies of Slightly Foxed on a shelf because they are pretty timeless in their writing style and recommendations.

From this one yet again I have a handful of books I want to read, from Reginald Perrin, through Asylum by Patrick McGarth to Bryon’s Don Juan. Some I will pick up from the library in due course, and some I may stumble across in the future.

They have universally delivered on the promise of a well-read talking to you about books they love, and I’m going to miss that quarterly chat about books.

On a related note, I’m thinking of trying to found a book group in my town. Has anyone successfully done this, and do you have any tips?


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