The Mumsnet Rules – Natasha Joffe and Justine Roberts

Where I browse in the library each week depends to a great deal on where my son settles in a chair to read his books whilst I zip around a few stacks in the adult section. This week he may have been trying to tell me something as he settled right next to the parenting books section.

Being a regular of Mumsnet, I avoid such things, but sat on a stand was The Mumsnet Rules, which was irresistible.

It has all the dry humour and wisdom that would be expected, advising a balanced approach to life and concentrating on the important things and accepting what is beyond control in getting children from babyhood into their teens whilst retaining a life and a sense of humour.

In summer may we suggest you consider puttingĀ  little bubble bath in your paddling pool… and thus avoiding formal bathing altogether….And then water the plants with the contents of the pool – the soap apparently has mild insecticidal properties.

Pragmatic, fun and less stressful!


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