The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Part 1 – Akira Himekawa

I haven’t read any new manga for years, but happened to be by the graphic novels section of the library today, so picked up pretty much the only thing they had part 1 of on the shelf.

It is a little young (aimed at the players of Zelda), and something seems to have been sacrificed to matching the narrative of the game itself. Of course a good narrative for a game has very little scene set-up and lots of meandering plot where the characters move through puzzles. This makes a somewhat dull structure for a novel: I definitely wasn’t a fan of Lord of the Rings for example!

Also a main plot point in this manga is that there are four (five?) identical characters whose main differential is the colour of their clothes. It is printed in black and white, so at every scene change it disrupts the reading to work out who is actually present.

This is clearly not my sort of reading material

This said, I’m eyeing up my Wii and wondering if I have the time to start a new game. And I will be glancing over the small graphic novel selection in the future in hope of the library having something I’d rather read in it.

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