The Undercover Economist Strikes Back – Tim Harford

The Undercover Economist Strikes BackThis is a very well-constructed book exploring macroeconomics and how events effect the lives of individuals. Tim Harford is very good at communicating complex economic concepts without over simplification.

I love the dialogue in Undercover Economist, which is a reasonably informal discussion throughout. This explores how the world has got into the position it has, and the difficulties in getting out of it again. Both technical and democratic difficulties are discussed. How do we cope with things which seem irrational or immoral to the majority of voters, even when they may well be the solution to the crisis we are currently trapped in.

The best way this book works is to strongly break the comparison between household economics and macroeconomics, and explain the balance between Keynsian and classic approaches to understanding the economy and how to decide which one is best for any given situation.

I also want to go back to the Science Museum to look at the MOINAC (or Phillips Machine) whilst understanding what it is designed to model and how. The physical model approach to seeking an understanding of complex problems before the advent of programmable computers is inspiring.


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