Acceptance – Jeff VanderMeer

The Southern Reach gets personalAcceptance

In Acceptance, all the narrating characters from Annihilation and Authority each narrate, along with some others. Being very observant it took me two or three changes in narrator before I noticed that the chapter title told me who would narrate next.

I was hoping for more of a resolution in this book, although the title does work well for how it ends, which is quite satisfying, but still does not explain the implications for the wider world.

Certainly the loose ends of “who” are tied up, the interpersonal relationships and emotional lives of the characters are well-explored. This does just lead to wondering quite how nepotistic the Southern Reach organisation is…

The “how” is also resolved, mostly, but I still wish there was more about the “why” and the “therefore”.

Can we have a fourth book in the trilogy?


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