The Sense of Style – Steven Pinker

The Sense of StyleIf I am in the car on a Sunday afternoon I love to listen to Open Book on Radio 4. A few weeks ago I heard Pinker on there, talking about his new book, The Sense of Style. The discussion was so eloquent and accessible that I had it on my to-buy list immediately.

Then, because I don’t read style manuals usually, it took me a while to actually pick it up and read.

When I did get around to reading it though, it turned out to be both informative and entertaining. Examples and comic strips are used well to illustrate concepts, the writing is accessible, and he manages to usually avoid the trap of assuming too much knowledge in a reader. The book is written for those of us who didn’t necessarily receive much advanced formal training in writing for and audience.

I have even vowed to read it again once my conciousness of my writing style starts slipping again.

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