Beka Cooper: The Doggy Books- Tamora Pierce

TerrierMark Reads is at the end of Tortall! Its been quite a two years, reading them along and listening to Mark Read to laugh at his unpreparedness. We finished on the Doggy Books as they are now known, and full circle back to the start of Alanna: the first adventure.

The Beka Cooper books are about the making of a Provost Dog: an early police force in the fantasy world/country of Tortall. Beka is a girl who was plucked from the poorest district of pseudo-medieval Corus by a man who becomes her mentor in her journey become a Dog.

MastiffFor those who have read the other Tortall books its an interesting examination of how history isn’t always linear progress, and as the protaganist is for the first time not one of the ruling elite, its an interesting looks at the impact those with even a Bloodhoundlittle power can have on those who have none.

The magic in this books is of a different flavour to the others as well, which is a refreshing change. That and the spiritual development of Beka and how she develops a circle of trusted friends and associates aroudn herself. OEO, pelvat sberire.


2 thoughts on “Beka Cooper: The Doggy Books- Tamora Pierce

    1. Well I’d definitely encourage you! There’s more than there used to be as well, and its possible to see Pierce’s writing style mature, as well as the longer books we started getting post HP.

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