We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler

I was feeling inspired when the Man Booker shortlist for this year was announced and I noticed that there was a deal to buy them all on the Book People. My aim is to read the lot before the final announcement. I’m only 2 books behind at this point (although have also just finished a knitting project so can dedicate my train time to this for the next few weeks).We are all completely beside ourselves

So this one was the top of the pile and I grabbed it without even glancing at the blurb as I’m aiming to read the lot in the next few weeks anyway, so don’t need to decide if its worth investing my time. From reading reviews after the fact, I’m glad. There’s one hell of a twist part-way through that a lot of people were spoiled for, but I had no idea. Therefore I’m not going to mention the actual plot.

I loved it though, devoured it all in a day and then went back to reread other parts and read the “book club” questions at the back and thought about them for a good long while.

Fundamentally its a book about family relationships, and how events in childhood echo throughout our adult lives. Not a live changing book, but a very reflective one.


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