A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin (up to end A Dance with Dragons)

ASoIaF is brilliant, fantastical, intricate, epic. But can someone give the man an editor! Every book is getting more long-winded, and I’m struggling to imagine how he’s ever going to pull it all back together again. Every time I think I can see how he might manage it, someone key dies. This does make me slightly loose faith in the grand master plan, I’ve had a couple of epic series that have ended in an unfinished “lost my way” manner and it makes me look back on the entire series in a disappointed light.A Dance with Dragons

But the journey is good. And of course life doesn’t have the first person you meet always winning through, so I’m willing to trust that there is a plan that means the chaos will ease off and peace returns to the Seven Kingdoms (together or separately).

I’m glad they were lent to me, and will read the rest when they eventually appear. My to read pile now includes George R R Martin’s earlier works, which I’ll get around to reading sometime this decade!


4 thoughts on “A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin (up to end A Dance with Dragons)

  1. I love this series, but can’t imagine reading them without doing a lot of skimming. Instead, I’ve listened to all the books via downloads from my library. It definitely makes getting through these tomes much easier and helps maintain the pace of the stories.

    1. I’m a pretty fast reader (200-300 page novel in 2-3 hours and read it quite thoroughly) and it still took me about 3 months. I have read a few other things in that time, but its been quite a long time for me.

      As a complete opposite: I couldn’t imagine the time dedication required to listen to them all.

      1. That’s some impressive reading speed! I prefer to read an actual book, but it’s nice being able to “read” while exercising, doing yard work or cleaning the house.

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