The Last Theorem – Arthur C. Clarke & Frederik Pohl

The Last TheoremI felt like I should have loved The Last Theorem. Its co-authored by Clarke, who’s earlier work I have enjoyed, and it has Fermat’s Last Theorem, which I chose to do a project on in my BSc, as a pivotal point.

But somehow it was a disappointment. A combination of poor character development and important plot points that were way beyond credible made it difficult to suspend disbelief. Obviously it makes sense for the main character to be incredibly talented, but the “difficult times” he goes through never seem as trying as they could be, and he has ridiculously good fortune in his childhood best friend, wife and an implausibly talented daughter.

It’s a shame because the science fiction elements are fantastic. If the authors hadn’t felt obliged to create this character that it feels like I should sympathise with then it would probably read a lot better.


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