Seraphina – Rachel Hartman

Seraphina coverSeraphina is a novel about family and racism in a divided community. This is set up in the prologue when we really do start “at the beginning” with the birth of Seraphina and an appropriate amount of shock.

The book then doesn’t mention what was so shocking but instead begins by setting the scene in a pseudo-medieval city with an implausibly talented and senior fifteen year old heroine. We firstly view the racism through the prism of it being something “others” suffer, although there is always compassion for them, and then the prism twists slightly and it all becomes much more personal.

There is of course a love interest, although I was satisfied that this was concluded realistically as I spent a good portion of the book worried that something utterly infeasible would happen. Friendship and family ties is a much stronger theme though, even as decisions made due to desire are acknowledged.

I like the magic involved and how much of it is just taken for granted as “technology” except by the fearful mob leaders. Of course such things wouldn’t remain wondrous for long and would quickly be assumed to just be how life is. These days we all carry a portal to a vast database of knowledge in our pockets.

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