Fuzzy Nation – John Scalzi

Fuzzy NationAs I hadn’t heard of Little Fuzzy when this re-imagining was published I decided I would rather read the original first and give it time to settle before reading Fuzzy Nation. Then life happened and I entirely forgot I meant to get around to reading it.

Spoilers follow

I definitely like how Jack Holloway hovers closer to the anti-hero side in Fuzzy Nation. Its very clear that he isn’t an entirely nice person, with very few people liking him and having a few morally questionable acts in his past. But he has a fabulous dry sense of humour which made me chuckle at otherwise tense parts of the book. Plus the explosive-detonating dog. Who could fail to love an explosive-detonating dog?

Of course it is no longer a new idea, but I still love the Fuzzies. And I definitely love how instead of being entirely innocent beings who are foolish enough to trust humans, they are instead given sufficient intelligence to learn to speak English and to have used Jack by spying on him to find someone who will protect and support them as their planet is being plundered around them. It gives them more agency rather than being purely pawns of the humans. Given they are sapient beings it seems better that they have some freedom to choose how they want to approach life.

Quote of the book:

“I give you my word that I will not punch my client”

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