Chocolat – Joanne Harris

Joanne Harris – Chocolat

This is the book which made Harris famous: a tale of chocolate and magic set in rural France in the late twentieth century.

Vianne has blown into the village of Lansquenet on a Mardi Gras parade and decided that this is a good place to try and fight the urge to wander that comes with the changing wind and appearance of the “black man” in the tarot cards. As the book unfolds we learn her secrets, and what she is afraid of. This is set against a backdrop of wider change within the village as the shop acts as a catalyst to enable change within the families resident there, and the history of the village itself and how this is tied to the priest’s own past.

Chocolat is the best book possible to read over the Easter weekend (unless you were hoping for your eggs to last past Easter Monday), looking at the self-denial of lent and the extravagance of the Easter festival itself, and how the church relates to this.


5 thoughts on “Chocolat – Joanne Harris

  1. This is one of the few books that I liked less than the movie. It wasn’t a bad book — I just really liked what the movie did with it. (Johnny Depp didn’t hurt, either!) 🙂

    1. Confession: I haven’t actually seen the film. Mostly because I struggle with films that are based on books I’ve read. Might see the the DVD hire place has it though if its good.

      1. I really did like it. I usually give myself a few years between reading a book and watching a movie. Then I just have a few scattered memories of the book, and the movie usually doesn’t disappoint as much. 🙂

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