Four Ducks on a Pond – Nicholas the Cat (with Annabel Carothers)

This looked like a promising light read from the library, but very much overused the device of speaking through the cat as a very prominent first-person narrator. The point of view seemed too “human” whilst the book had very little in the way of plot to keep the flow going.

It is a touching memoir of life on Mull before mains electricity and water arrived, and when horses were still being used as transport, but there is little development, just the cat interacting with his humans and other animals who come and go. It may just be the cat’s perspective, but Nicholas seems very unaffected by the changes in his family.


One thought on “Four Ducks on a Pond – Nicholas the Cat (with Annabel Carothers)

  1. I am Fionna and Nicholas was my cat. Of course, as a cat he was able to watch the comings and goings of our family quite unobtrusively. The year was 1952 and Nicholas starts his account from the spring with the arrival of day-old chicks through to the following spring. Life on a smallholding in the Isle of Mull is the theme – and as with most true stories there is no plot – it just happens.
    My mother, Annabel Carothers, wrote “Kilcaraig” published in 1982 but still available through Amazon etc. It is a trilogy so you will find plenty of plots and characters. Sadly, after a long illness, my mother died on the day of publication but Kilcaraig did very well on both sides of the Atlantic and then I found the manuscript of “Four Ducks on a Pond”, writtten many years earlier, which Birlinn accepted for publication to my great delight.

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