Noises Off

Noises Off is a farce and a play within a play, which was on at the Keswick Theatre by the Lake in the summer season 2011. It mocks the relationships between actors, and how these individuals behave behind the curtain.

Three acts long, Noises Off runs the same act of a fictional play three times, through dress rehearsal, from behind the scenes and then the last night. For the first two acts, this is underpinned by a vague plot in the development (or rather breakdown) in the romantic relationships between the actors (when offstage). These two acts are funny and brilliant.

Sadly, in the third act it appears that the playwright felt he had to get all the jokes he had thought up into the play somehow, and whilst there were some funny gags, the last act was not held together by much of a plot, and detracted from the rest of the play.


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