Modern Classics of Science Fiction – Gardner Dozois (Editor)

Modern Classics of Science Fiction is a collection of classic science fiction short stories. The anthology is well chosen, and has an short introduction on each author before their story. This may have been better done as a footnote however as I read the stories then decided whether I wanted to read more by that author, and ended up spending a lot of time moving back through the book to return to the notes on the author. A well-selected group of short stories, which are generally strong and build a good sense of the world they exist in. Dozois does seem to prefer stories with a bitter-sweet ending, as almost all of the stories here have one. I have spent months dipping into this book one story at a time, and every story was worth reading. The best of the anthology was definitely R.A. Lafferty’s Narrow Valley. This detailed a potential homestead in the American West which no-one had ever been able to claim. It has definitely put Lafferty on my Authors to Read list.


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