A Rope ~ In Case – Lillian Beckwith

A Rope ~ In Case is a semi autobiographical book on life in the Hebrides. In a similar style to James Herriot’s books, Beckwith discusses life on the fictional island of Bruach as seen by an outsider who has been accepted by the community.

There is no real plot to the story told, just the pattern of life changing as the islanders age, marry and die holding together a succession of anecdotes. These anecdotes are invariably amusing, concerning either an unexpected way for life to be run, or Beckwith’s inability to grasp how life is run on Bruach.

The use throughout the book of phonetic spellings of the Hebridian accent does illustrate how much an English woman living on a remote croft in the Hebrides would feel to be an outsider. In places the phonetic spellings seem over used:breaking the flow of the text.

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