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The Panda Theory – Pascal Garnier

The Panda Theory was I think the last book that slid into my “buy” stack from my book spa. I mostly picked it up today to take on the train because its a nice light, thin volume (unlike the Song of Ice and Fire books I was tempted by).The Panda Theory

This is a modern novel, set in current France, and without having read the original French the translation reads very well.

Its a slightly strange novel. Starts off by looking as though it will have a friendship theme, but then flashbacks of strange coincidences start appearing and you suspect that it isn’t all as it seems.

I found as it built to a climax it got a bit too gritty for me, but if dark is your thing then it might be worth giving it a try.

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3 comments on “The Panda Theory – Pascal Garnier

  1. calmgrove
    June 2, 2014

    I enjoyed (if that’s the right word) another black comedy by Garnier called The A26, set near an autoroute construction — very witty but also, as you say, very gritty:

    • bristolbookworm
      June 3, 2014

      I suspect I may have been less harsh if it wasn’t my first day at a new job yesterday: I really should have packed something familiar and light for the train ride!

      • calmgrove
        June 3, 2014

        Yes, dark is not good in those circumstances!. Still, hope new job turned out better.

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